Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique birthday party? Is your child into the outdoors? If so, Heaton Park is the place to be.

Parties include Forest Fun (3-5 years),

Forest Creations (age 6-12 years),

Minibeast Hunting (April-Oct only) (3-6 years),

Den building (6-12 years) or

Bushcraft (8-12 years) and Bushcraft Plus (age 10+.)

We promise they will be talking about it back at school for ages!

Our Forest Fun party takes place all year round in our established forest play area. The party starts with a ranger-led activity which can include den building, mini beast hunting, woodland games or a forest art activity. The children then have free play using the resources in the forest play area. Activities will vary according to the weather on the day. £200 – for up to 15 children*

Does your child have an artistic flair or just enjoy making things? Then the Forest Creations party is for them. We will explore the forest looking for those beautiful and perfect works of art from nature. We could create a big piece of Forest Art on the forest floor using leaves and pine cones and sticks on our own or as a team, or we could make a clay face for a favourite tree? We will make jewellery out of elder that we have found and cut or wool bracelets woven from a high branch. Nature provides the beauty, we will create the rest. £210 – for up to 15 children*

We can run our Mini beast Hunt party from Spring through until the end of Autumn. The children use our equipment to explore the forest area which has plenty of dead logs where the bugs love to hide! We come together at the end of the hunt to see what we have all found. The children then decide which is their favourite mini beast and have a go at making it using a piece of clay and natural materials found on the forest floor. Their clay mini beasts can be taken home at the end of the party as a memento. £200 – for up to 15 children*

During our all year round Den Building party, the children split into small teams to construct a survival shelter made from logs and bracken or pine needles (depending on time of year). After having time inside their dens we will play woodland games. £200 – for up to 15 children*

Our Bushcraft party is for older children who love the outdoors.  The party is similar to our den building party, building survival shelters, then we whittle sticks and learn basic fire lighting. Each child will try their hand at lighting a piece of cotton wool using a flint and steel – most definitely the highlight of the party! £210 – for up to 12 children*

Already had a go at Bushcraft and want to do more? Are you older and want to join in the fun?

Then a Bushcraft Plus party is for you. Yes adults, you can hold an outdoorsy get together on this party with your friends too! At this party you will be shown how to find and collect firewood to build your own perfect campfire. You could have a go at lighting it using our fire strikers.  We will build sophisticated shelters using lashing and learning knots. True survival skills! £220 – for up to 8 children/adults*

Each party activity finishes by toasting marshmallows over a fire and drinking hot chocolate! What more could they want?

*Maximum 15 children for all party themes, additional children cost £10 per child. Please note a maximum of 12 children can attend the bushcraft party, a maximum of 8 children or adults for the bushcraft plus party.


Catering is not included for your guests, however we do provide fire treats and drinks. Our NEW plastic free party bags can be ordered at £4.50 per child. Please enquire for more details.