Primary School Sessions

Are you a primary school headteacher or teacher looking for forest school sessions that can be linked to National Curriculum topics and delivered on your school site?

Our forest school leaders can help:

 To provide opportunities for hands on learning through cross-curricular links in English, Maths, Topic and Science.

· To develop both physical and mental health. Forest school gives the opportunity for children to achieve outside of the classroom, develop their confidence and build upon their self-esteem.

· To ensure children take responsibility for our environment and become responsible citizens.

· To identify risks and increase their confidence in managing risks. We encourage the children to make sensible and informed decisions about how to deal with unfamiliar situations.

· To stimulate investigation, curiosity and creative minds.

· To develop team working skills and encourage children to become independent in an outdoor environment.

Our Forest School Leaders works collaboratively with class teachers to plan and implement outdoor Forest School sessions for every year group. These sessions are designed to support and enrich objectives taken from the National Curriculum and linked to the year group’s termly topic. Collaborative planning ensures that challenges are set at a level where children can succeed learning and any barriers to learning are taken into account.

The Forest School leaders, ensure that risk assessments are carried out before each session and that the children know how to be safe. Forest School takes place in all weathers (unless there are incredibly high winds) and the children are dressed in appropriate clothing and footwear to ensure that they can fully participate in all activities.

Children will become confident inside the classroom when they have had the opportunity to explore their curriculum topics outside. For example, we had the opportunity to form cross- curricular links with the topic, Woodland Habitats. Children learned to identify different woodland creatures, what they eat, and where they live. They then had the opportunity to recreate a woodland shelter or nest for a woodland animal or insect.

Children will develop a connection to nature and will be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the world around them. They will develop a whole range of skills; personal, social, emotional, physical and communication development. They will have improved physical skills through the development of physical stamina, gross and fine motor skills.

If you would be interested in sessions for your primary school, please email to discuss further.