Thank You for Your Booking

Please make payments to our Barclays business account (we pay taxes on our profits):

  • Funky Kitsch Ltd. (Our company name is not Outdoor adventurers!)
  • Account Number: 83302059
  • Sort Code: 201608
  • Please use your name used in the previous point as a reference when paying via bank transfer

Please pay a £100 non-refundable deposit within 2 days of this booking.

The balance must be paid One week (7 days) prior to the party date.

If there are any problems with payment please phone:07507111512 or email:

All Activities are £220 (deposit=£100, balance=£120) with the exception of:

  • Bushcraft+ 10 Year upwards £230 (deposit=£100, balance=£100)
  • Mini Beast Hunting £200 (deposit=£100, remaining balance=£100)

An e-mail will not be sent (unfortunately our e-mail have not been getting through to most people) so please copy and save this information into a text file (or take a photo of the information for your reference)

Thanks again and please enjoy your day!